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100-Hours Yoga Therapy Course (Body Engineering)

10 June 2020, Wednesday

100-Hours Yoga Therapy Course
(Body Engineering)
By Master Saumik Bera

A unique learning opportunity in this healing journey for self and for others around you. Understand our body systems and how various pains and diseases that we may have onto our body and the causes through the understanding of body engineering system. Practical observations of body structure and functions, and the application of effective tools in yoga therapy. This 100-hours comprehensive course includes case studies, situation-based learning, and 20 hours of physical practice with real patients who are having real issues in their body and get hands-on teaching and learning on how to treat them.

Course Syllabus

1. Foundation of yoga and yoga therapy theory, ancient and modern concepts, and the body engineering systems

2. Learn the Pancha Kosas and Integrated Approach of Yoga Therapy

3. Learn the human body anatomy and physiology (the human body systems and functions)

4. Human body pains and causes, identify the root causes of these pains

5. Understand the human body through physical observations of the structure and functions

6. Therapeutic application of yoga asanas to cure the pains and causes, through the concept of a body engineering system, including the application of the tools of yoga therapy, by physically touch and understand the actual problems (case-studies), through the application of effective therapeutic tools to cure the pains

7. Teaching methodology, with therapeutic practiced classes

8. 20-hours of real-time treatment with patients who have real issues in their body. This 40-hour real-time case study with patients will be an exclusive opportunity to have a deeper understanding by working with real patients at the studios. The schedule will be arranged based on your time availability. It can be either one-to-one by you with your patients, or in pairs (your classmate and you) with the patients, or guided by Master Saumik with patients. The arrangement will be arranged based on the complications of the patients and your confidence in handling the patients. Upon completion of the 40-hours, a case-studies report is required to be submitted.

Course Schedule

Dates: 22 May 2021 to 13th June 2021 (weekend only)
Time: 8am to 7pm

Please note the time zone is based on Singapore Time.


You may choose to sign up individual module:
Offline Course $ 1,500.00 SGD
Online Course^ $ 1,000.00 SGD
^Applicable for those who are residing out of Singapore, or those who want to do the course online.

*Prices are inclusive of 7% GST

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