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20 Hours Spine Anatomy & Backbend Course

13 January 2020, Monday

Course Outline

The spine is the most important element in our physical body as it helps to move our body in 6 different directions, and our spinal cord is located in our spine, which is the connection between our brain and our body. Every yoga practitioner must have knowledge of their own spine so as not only to practice safely but also understand the compression points onto their body and how to recover from various types of back pain such as slipped disc, scoliosis, sciatica, and many more. This spine anatomy and backbend training will focus on recoiling your spine, to understand your own body into a much deeper layers and guiding you how to overcome the limitations you are facing during back bending poses. Also we will go through a deeper levels of backbend practice during the course to achieve your dream backbend pose. Master Saumik, the trainer for this course, believes the phycology and behaviours of human are the biggest factors in the backbend. When we achieve a deeper level of back bend pose, our breath and our mind must go in at the same speed to achieve what we want to achieve. In this course, we will cover the human anatomy of the spine, the power of breath and the human phycology beside the techniques of advance asana to open up our heart chakra! Be excited for this beautiful training and don’t miss it!

Who Should Attend

This course is suitable for all levels of practitioners


RYA @ Centrepoint


Min 10, max 20 participants


Master Saumik Bera

2020 Schedule (Updated as of 28th January 2020)

Course 1: 11th & 12th July 2020
Course 2: 29th& 30th October 2020


9am to 8pm


$535 inclusive of 7% GST

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