Membership Options

Membership Options

We offer short-term and long-term membership options with price plans to cater to the needs of all our Yoga practitioners.

At Real Yoga, we believe that anyone can Yoga, and we only impart Yoga From The Heart.



First flexible pass in a mega Yoga studio, Real Yoga Pass is a pay-per-use flexible membership pass that deducts credits based on the duration of each class. Deduct 20 credits for below 60 minutes classes and 30 credits for above 60 minutes classes. There’s no expiry date as long as 1 class is being utilized per year!

*11th Anniversary Special Deal

From 12-23 September, get 11% extra credits when you purchase $300 or $500 Real Yoga Passes. Plus you can get up to 11 free classes during this period, limited to 1 free class per day. Start your free classes 1 day after your purchase of the Real Yoga Pass, the earlier you buy, the more free classes you can get! Hurry sign up now!


Charges apply for no show/late cancellations. All RY policies follow.


Allow Real Yoga to care for your Quality of Life, as well as your Yoga Practice. Our teachers build long-term relationships with members to guide them along their Yoga Journey, with Yoga from the Heart.

For as low as $145-$155 a month, our long-term memberships includes a variety of option for you to select single-club access or multiple-club access.