Kalari Yoga


Introducing KALARI YOGA 

@ Parkway Studio

Kalari Yoga is a rhythmic yoga flow that pulsates with the energy of the sacred circle. it is as gentle as it is strong, as calming as it is energizing, and as uplifting as it is grounding.


Kalari is the journey of learning, being what wholly present, finding groundedness in flight and tranquility in flow.



Amanda Koh, Founder of Kalari Yoga

“I have always strongly believed that as much as it is my calling to teach yoga, that it’s really with yoga that I teach” 

Kalari yoga is my response to the rhythms of urban society that sometimes go against the grain of a yogi’s soul. When I am on the mat, I am whole, and I invite all to this experience of energy, love and absolute joy.


 For more information, kindly call 6348 2270 (Parkway Parade) or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Subject: Kalari Yoga)