Yoga & Pilates - The Best of Both




1. Minimized Joint Impact

Pilates, is practiced either on a mat or a reformer. The reclined position provides an extremely high quality workout, but without any long term damage on joints.


2. Core Stabilization

Stabilizing muscles - these are small, hard to target groups of muscles that protect important parts of your body, like joints and vital organs. Pilates’ aim is to strengthen these oft neglected, smaller areas, such as the muscles of the pelvic floor, your hip flexors, and aducters (inner thighs).


3. Improved Spinal Alignment

Regular Pilates practice will improve spinal flexibility and proper alignment of concern because of the special attention it gives to the powerhouse muscles that stabilize and support the spine reducing back and neck pain.


4. Cardiovascular Health

The practice of Pilates provides not only a muscular workout, but an aerobic one as well. Done properly, a class can have the same intensity as jogging with additional benefits to the joints and areas of soft-tissue.


5. Breathing Benefits

Pilates can help the breathing patterns of everyone from asthmatics and smokers to regular, healthy 22 year-olds encourages muscle oxygenation


6. Increased Flexibility

Combining toning work with gentle stretches, the multi-layered approach of the Pilates method is known to increase both muscular and joint flexibility.


7. Whole Body Conditioning

Pilates is engineered to condition the entire body. This means that taking Pilates negates you having to go anywhere else to complete or supplement your workout.




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