Master Adi

Master Adi

  • Exposed to Yoga at the tender age of 5
  • Attended the Konnagar Manasatala Byayam Mandir under the tutelage of Yoga specialist, Pashupati Nath.
  • Judge for numerous World Yoga Competitions* Taught many Indian Olympic athletes as a national coach for the Sports Authority of India.

YOGA LEGACY His yoga legacy in India was the successful yoga institute - the Oriental Yoga Home - which he established in 1985. For nearly twenty years, this institution helped members to achieve a healthy lifestyle through yoga programmes and yoga therapy.

CERTIFICATION He is equipped with coaching certificates from various yoga academies in India, as well as in the fields of Sports Medicine, Physiotherapy, Homoeopathy, and Naturopathy.

EXTENSIVE EXPERIENCES He has been a consultant for well-known institutions in India such as the Statistical Institute of India, the Bengal Cricket Association, ‘Paes En Sports', and the Bengal Rowing Club.

AWARD Adi’s contributions’ was recognized by various government awards, including a honorary diploma conferred during the 3rd SAF (South Asian Federation) Games of 1987.

SIGNATURE CLASSES He created highly popular group classes based on his own original yoga flows. Master Adi has also conducted many yoga workshops and teacher training programmes in the region (including Mauritius). His most popular classes include: Traditional Yoga, Hatha Flow, Cardio & Core, and Yoga Therapy.