Yoga & Wellness Program

Yoga & Wellness Program

A customized yoga & wellness program focusing on the physical body and the mental well-being to address on the root causes of any illnesses or pains in the body and mind, including cure and care.


  1. Personal attention by MASTER SAUMIK
  2. Four-pronged approach: Anatomy, physical exercise/yoga, breathing , and emotional well-being
  3. Addressing the root cause and not suppressing symptoms
  4. Constant reporting and updates
  5. Effort to create a new attitude and sense of self
  6. Inculcating new habits and a better body and mind for better health
  7. Invitation to an exclusive webinar with Master Saumik

What’s in the program:

  1. Personal attention by Master Saumik, once a month at 60 mins per session. This shall include understanding client’s conditions and progress, creating or modifying the plans or programs
  2. One senior therapist/yoga teacher will also be assigned to take care or guide the clients too, twice a month at 60 mins per session.
  3. Daily guidance by the therapist/yoga teacher through the practice which will be required to be recorded and submitted to the agreed portal (such as Telegram group)
  4. A full practice video once a month, customised-made for the clients to practice accordingly.
  5. At end of program, a one-time maintenance guidelines will be created by Master Saumik for you, which will help you to continue on your journey of good health and an injury free body


  1. 3-Months
  2. 6-Months
  3. 12-Months

For enquiry:

Send us an email at to discuss your personal yoga & wellness requirements!