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26 April 2019, Friday

  1. uGrace Smart Body Composition Monitor @ $69 (U.P: $149)

     Use Promo Code: < RealYoga69 >


Achieve your health targets with a comprehensive analysis of your body composition. uGrace Smart uses advanced bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) technology for the most accurate measurements.


Keep your health in check at the tap of your fingers

A comprehensive analysis of your body composition in a single tap:

  • Weight
  • Bone Mass
  • Body Fat
  • Body Mass Index
  • Hydration
  • Basal Metabolic Rate
  • Muscle Mass
  • Active Metabolic Rate

Simply sync uGrace Smart with the OSIM Check & Measure App and you can monitor your health anytime, anywhere.


  1.  uGem 2 Beauty Massager @ $99 (U.P: $149)

     Use Promo Code: < RealYoga99 >


Using micro massage vibration, the uGem 2 far outperforms manual facial massage methods by penetrating deep into the skin.

Regular massage with the uGem 2 will stimulate circulation for a natural face lifting effect while reducing facial puffiness.

Unattainable with human hand; 6000 pulses per minute

Reveal a firm and radiant V-shaped face

The OSIM uGem 2’s Beauty Vibration massage rejuvenates your skin, stimulates circulation and tones facial muscles to restore vibrancy and youthfulness of your skin.

a) For V-Shape Face

Firms and tones the skin for a more defined facial contour, achieving the V-shaped face lifting effect.

b) Get rid of puffy face

Beauty Vibration massage helps to improve circulation, thus reducing facial water retention.

c) Reduce eye bags

The uGem 2 reduces the appearance of eye bags, while relaxing strained eye muscles to give tired eyes a boost.

d) Smooth out wrinkles and fine lines

Its flat and rounded massage head can comfortably and effectively smoothen out wrinkles and fine lines.

e) Relieve headache

A soothing massage on the temples relieves stress and relaxes the mind.


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  • Special promotional rates for Real Yoga Members, valid at any OSIM outlets, roadshows, or on the OSIM website.
  • Promotion is not allowed to be combine with other discount vouchers or free gifts
  • Valid from 1st May to 31st July 2019