Personal Training

Yoga At Home

With the recent Covid-19 situation, it is understandable if you prefer to stay at home.
This however, should not be the reason why you are neglecting your practice, especially not when Yoga can help you to boost and strengthen your immune system against sickness or viruses!

If you are one of those with a very busy schedule, let us help you reap the benefits of Yoga right at the comfort of your home.

Through a 1-1 teaching with our most qualified instructors, you and your family will be able to receive a detailed coaching that is tailored to your own needs and style of practice.

Choose the class that best suits you:

For Immunity
Focus on building up your immunity system with a combination of poses and breathing techniques, specially design to boost and strengthen your immune system against
sickness or viruses!

For Lifestyle
As the saying goes, “You can’t enjoy wealth if you are not in good health”. Have fun and release your stress while upkeeping your health. Learn the way to enjoy life more fruitfully!

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Here at Real Yoga, we place a strong emphasis on personal training in ensuring our members receive helpful, personal attention from our Real Yogis. Our dedicated teachers are maintain our training courses to reach a high level of conditioning and care. Our homely and serene space and facilities allow our members to engage with our yoga experts one-on-one and receive curated sessions.

Personal Training Program

Would you like us to design a customised personal wellness program to suit your needs in which yoga classes are just one of the many components? Then drop us an email at to discuss your personal yoga requirements!