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100-Hours Yoga Therapy Course (Registration Closed)

26 April 2021, Monday

Course Outline

A learning opportunity in this healing journey to help self and others to recover from any bodily injuries and pains through body engineering and therapeutic yoga therapy.

In this 100-hour yoga therapy course, we will get to understand how our body systems work and “dissect” how the pains and injuries in our body originate from, learning and applying effective manual and movement therapy to cure these pains and injuries in our body.

Students will have the opportunity to work with real patients who are having real issues in their bodies and get hands-on practice on how to help or treat the patients.

This 100-hours course consists of 4 modules. Students have the option to do any module or all modules. 

Module 1: Neck and Shoulders

Modeul 2: Spine and Back

Module 3: Hips and Knees, Hands and Legs

Module 4: Autonomic nervous system and therapy for special needs


In each module, we will learn:

1. Foundation of yoga and yoga therapy theory, ancient and modern concepts, and the body engineering systems

2. Learn the human body anatomy and physiology (the human body systems and functions)

3. Human body pains and causes, identify the root causes of these pains

4. Understand the human body through physical observations of the structure and functions

5. Therapeutic application of yoga asanas to cure the pains and causes, through the concept of a body engineering system, including the application of the tools of yoga therapy, by physically touching and understanding the actual problems (case studies), through the application of effective therapeutic tools to cure the pains

6. Hands-on practice with real patients who have issues in their body


22nd April 2023 to 15th July 2023



Module Topics Dates Timing
1 Neck & Shoulders 22, 23, 29, 30 April 9am to 12pm, 2pm to 5pm
2 Spine & Back 13, 14, 20, 21 May 9am to 12pm, 2pm to 5pm
3  Hips & Knees, Hands & Legs 10, 11, 24 & 25 June 9am to 12pm, 2pm to 5pm
4  Autonomic nervous system and therapy for special needs  1, 2, 8 & 9 July 9am to 12pm, 2pm to 5pm


Course Venue:

Real Yoga @ Toa Payoh

600 Lor 4 Toa Payoh #02-03

Course Fee (inclusive of 8% GST):

Single Module – S$702.00 (or 650 RYC/RYCV credits)

All Module – S$2,376.00 (or 2200 RYC/RYCV credits)



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