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Mind-Body Therapy: Diabetes & Hypertension Management (Registration Closed)

19 October 2023, Thursday

An immersive 10-hour diabetes and hypertension workshop led by the distinguished therapist and mind-body engineering pioneer, Master Saumik Bera.

Why This Workshop Is Essential:

In an era where the prevalence of diabetes and hypertension is skyrocketing, understanding their profound implications has never been more critical. These conditions extend beyond conventional diagnoses, affecting your overall health, day-to-day life, and long-term well-being.

This workshop delves into the intricate connection between mind and body, emphasizing how our mental well-being manifests physically. It’s a holistic approach to healing.

Workshop Details:

Date: 25th, 26th November 2023
Time: 1pm-6pm
Venue: Real Yoga Raffles City (TBC)
Duration: 10 hours
Workshop Fee: Now at SGD$ 640 (till 11 Nov 2023) (or 640 RYC/RYCV Credit)
Usual Price: SGD$ 690 (or 690 RYC/RYCV Credit)
***FREE Hard Copy of Workshop Manual
Instructor: Master Saumik

What to Anticipate:

Master Saumik will expertly navigate you through a comprehensive understanding of diabetes, its diverse types, and the most effective preventive strategies. For those already managing diabetes, he’ll provide valuable insights into self-recovery techniques, reducing reliance on insulin. At the heart of this workshop lies the philosophy of self-healing.

Featuring Esteemed Speakers:

Dr. Elaine Wong – Renowned Dietician and a Doctor special guest speaker.

Who Will Benefit:

We extend our invitation to those

  • personally affected by diabetes or with family members facing this condition, all seeking a deeper grasp of these health issues.
  • This workshop is also designed for yoga instructors and therapists eager to expand their knowledge and amplify their support for others on their wellness journey.

Join Us Today:

Take an active step towards improved health. Unlock the secrets to a healthier life and empower yourself to prevent and manage diabetes and hypertension. Don’t let this chance to prioritize your well-being pass you by. Together, let’s explore the path to superior health.




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