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New Year, New Look!

Get Abs in Weeks with this ABT Yoga Workout!


New Class Starting in January 2017!





 A toned abdomen is often considered as a sign of a healthy body. Many of us crave for a flattering waistline that allow us to wear the clothes that we like. For those who are still struggling to tuck in their tummy and get well-toned abs, yoga can be of great help. While working out in the gym has its effects, yoga refreshes your body and mind at the same time; improves your metabolism and helps you reach your goal of a terrific-looking tummy. A couple of hours spent in an Abs-Yoga program will equip you with simple weight-cutting yoga postures which can be practiced daily.



The benefits of regular yoga practice will lead to a healthy body and a calm mind. Yoga tones your entire body while building sufficient muscle mass. So, even if you an irregular yoga practitioner, the chances of weight bouncing back will be slower as compared to a body-building lifestyle.



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